April 25, 2024
Due to continued and ongoing technical difficulties with our VFD pump at our Booster Station on 74E in Shoreham some customers in this area may experience low pressure as well as brown/dirty and/or airy water. The Tri-Town Water Crew is working on resolving the issues as quickly as possible although this will involve replacing the pump with a new one which may take longer than anticipated. We want to thank you for your patience during these issues. Please note: It is best to wait on doing any laundry (especially whites) until you are sure all water is clear. Once the issue has been resolved & completed we will send an updated alert message to notify. If you have any other problems and/or questions please let us know. Tri-Town Water District No. 1 Emergency Pager #: 802-290-6655
To view the 2023 Consumer Confidence Report please visit our DOCUMENTS page for more information ~or~ to request a mailed or emailed copy: please call or email the office at 802-758-2202--- Thank you. *************************************************
For more information visit our DOCUMENTS page.
To request a mailed or emailed copy:
Please call or email the office:
802-758-2202 ---
Thank you.

If you are experiencing a service disruption NOT indicated here please call:

802-758-2202 (office)
802-759-2115 (plant)
802-290-6655 (pager)

To receive email or text message NOTICES regarding issues affecting your Tri-Town Water, please update your email and text messaging contact information by following the "Customer Messaging" link below.
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